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Selected Publications and Filings

Wong, A. The House and Senate intelligence committees need privacy advocates, too. Slate (2014).

Wong, A. Proof-of-age cards: driver's licenses contain too much personal info to use at a bar. Slate (2014). Press coverage from The Bradenton Herald, The Bulletin, Hot Air and The Oregonian.

Wong, A. and Bélair-Gagnon, V. On the NSA and media bias: an extended analysis. Concurring Opinions (2013).

Wong, A. and Bélair-Gagnon, V. On the NSA, the media may tilt right. Columbia Journalism Review (2013). Press coverage from The Huffington Post, Motherboard and TechDirt.

Wong, A. Warrantless searches of homes and the Fourth Amendment. Balkinization (2013).

Wong, A. Bartelt's dog and the continuing vitality of the Supreme Court's tacit distinction between sense enhancement and sense creation. Concurring Opinions (2013).

Bramble, N., Dalal, A., Newland, E., Weinger, J., and Wong, A., in collaboration with Balkin, J.M., Bankston, K.S., and Llansó, E.J. Amicus curiae brief, Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission, No. 11-1355. United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (2012).

Wong, A.*, Zhang, Y.W.*, Jeschke, G.R., Turk, B.E., and Rudnick, G. Cyclic GMP-dependent stimulation of serotonin transport does not involve direct transporter phosphorylation by cGMP-dependent protein kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (2012): 36051-36058.

Smith, P.J., Syed, N., and Wong, A. United States v. Jones: Privacy in public space? Piece it all together and you get 5. Concurring Opinions (2012).

Smith, P.J., Syed, N., Thaw, D., and Wong, A. When machines are watching: How warrantless use of GPS surveillance technology violates the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches. Yale Law Journal Forum 121 (2011): 177-202.

Syed, N., Wong, A., Thaw, D., and Smith, P.J. Amicus curiae brief, United States of America v. Antoine Jones, No. 10-1259. Supreme Court of the United States (2011).

Syed, N., Wong, A., Thaw, D., and Smith, P.J. Amicus curiae brief, Juan Pineda-Moreno v. United States of America, No. 10-7515. Supreme Court of the United States (2010).

Wong, A. Quantitative modeling of the high-throughput production and in vivo kinetics of (drug-encapsulating) liposomes. PLoS One 5 (2010): e10280.

Wong, A. Modified epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-bearing liposomes (MRBLs) are sensitive to EGF in solution. PLoS One 4 (2009): e7391.

Wong, A. Drug-encapsulating EGF-sensitive liposomes for EGF-overexpressing cancer therapies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009).

Wong, A. A biomedical study and molecular analysis of soft tissues. University of Texas at Arlington (2005).

* = Both authors contributed equally to this work

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